About Tiger Spots

Tiger Spots is a locally owned parking business operated by former University of Missouri students Rebecca Stevenson & Ellie Clapp. We lease private, reserved, off-street parking spots in our lots near downtown Columbia and the MU, Stephens College and Columbia College campuses. Our five parking areas are conveniently located throughout the downtown District and East Campus neighborhood, offering a total of more than 400 parking spaces. Our goal is to make your life, and the lives of our students as easy as possible by providing a safe and worry free environment to park in. You will never have to stress over parking again because here at Tiger Spots there will always be a special place for you in our lot.

2019-2020 Leasing Process & Restrictions
  • Parking spaces are not held past June until payment is received in full.
  • All unleased spots are patrolled regularly for trespassers. Boot fees are $60 between 8AM and 6PM on weekdays, $80 between 8AM and 6PM on weekends. Any evening or overnight service between 6PM and 8AM has a fee of $100.
  • Current parking tenants have the option to renew their spot lease or request a spot or lot change before parking becomes available for any new lease.
  • On-site residents are considered first in new lease assignments, with their place of residence taken into consideration.
  • Any new off-site leases receive remaining parking spots after current tenants’ and on-site residents’ assignments are complete.
  • When requesting a parking space, please review the specifications of each unique numbered spot as some are not suited for large vehicles or may require certain driving abilities. Take into consideration your vehicle and style of driving, as well as the following conditions or requirements that may apply:
    • Can you comfortably parallel park?
    • Can you comfortably reverse? (Tinted windows can reduce visibility and make this challenging at night)
    • Is your vehicle extra low to the ground, making it easy to bottom out on curbs or steep driveways?
    • Do you have a manual transmission?
    • How often do you drive? (Once a week, 2-4 times per week, every day?)
    • Would you rather…
      • Have less space for turning around, but a spot as close to your apartment as possible? Or a lot of space to maneuver, but a spot slightly further away in the same lot?
      • Have a spot close to trees for shade and some protection from elements? Or a spot far away from trees due to birds and pollen?
  • A Tiger Spots associate will place a sticker on each registered vehicle appropriately parked in its assigned spot, then take a photo to document that the tenant has located the spot and the sticker has been applied. That photo will be registered to your contact information in our work phone for identification.

Our leasing office is located on the lower level of 210 Hitt Street. Spaces #6 and #7 in the back lot are reserved for Tiger Spots. Do not park in these spaces or any other space not registered to you.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Where are they located?
    • We have five parking lots conveniently located near the MU, Stephens College and Columbia College campuses, and close to residential properties including Brookside (Midtown, Locust and Downtown), Rise, District Flats, the Lofts on 9th, Orr Street Lofts and many more. View our maps for individual lot locations. Some lots share property lines and may be combined in the same map.
  • What are your lease terms?
    • Tiger Spots leases spots by the academic calendar year. All leases signed throughout the month of August will end July 31 the following year. Beginning in September, requests for shorter term leases will be processed with first priority given to tenants with end dates after the Spring semester ends, and second priority to requests for the Fall semester only. Keep in mind, we do allow approved subletting of reserved spots. Please see our leasing process and restrictions for more information.
  • How much is a lease?
    • We strive to provide parking at reasonable prices, based on annually conducted market surveys. Prices vary according to location, proximity, size, surface (paved or gravel) and demand. See our rates for more information.
  • Why do I need a private, reserved parking space?
    • We don’t oversell our lots and you will be assigned to a particular space for your use only, so you’ll never have to drive around “hunting” for an available space.
  • What do I do if someone is parked in my reserved spot?
    • You have options, as we do not monitor who parks in a reserved space unless the tenant specifically asks us to do so. If you want to allow a parent, friend or guest to use your space, you may. If you did not give permission for someone to park in your space, you may have the vehicle removed by the tow company (573-442-4616) or you may contact Tiger Spots to boot the vehicle. Do not park in another tenant’s spot if your spot has been taken.
      • To have a trespassing vehicle towed, you must provide a copy of your valid lease for that spot and/or your photo ID. We also recommend taking a photo of the vehicle before it is removed, showing clear visibility of the license plate.
      • To have a trespassing vehicle booted (only between the hours of 8AM and 8PM), you may call us and a Tiger Spots associate will arrive as soon as possible to boot the vehicle. Remember, you are responsible for finding and, if necessary, paying for alternative parking (such as street or garage parking) until the trespasser pays the fine and removes their vehicle.